2022 Claymont Neighborhood Holidays Lights Competition

DONATIONS: Help us collect paper towels, toilet paper, and baby wipes for the Parkway Food Bank!

o   The mission of the Parkway Food Pantry is to provide access to food, nutrition, and support to the Parkway community so all students can be capable, curious, caring and confident learners. They do this by having an event once a month where families can come drive through and pick up food, hygiene, and cleaning supplies that they need. Every month they share meat, eggs, milk, shelf stable food (for example: snacks, pasta & sauce, cereal, rice, peanut butter, and jelly) and other fresh produce that is donated. The only requirement they have to get help from the pantry is to have a student who goes to school in Parkway or to be an employee.

o   Donations can be brought to the event or left on the porch at 336 Elmcrest Dr.


  • Vote for your 3 favorite houses via surveymonkey.com (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BLD3BZM) or paper ballot (to be dropped in the box available during food trucks)
  • The 3 houses with the most votes win the prizes and bragging rights (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Winners will be announced by Wednesday 12/21/2022

Voting Forms:

Participant Addresses:

Participant NumberAddressParticipant NumberAddress
*START*St. Mark’s Church: 601 Claymont Dr.13620 Claymont Dr.
1508 Claymont Dr.14320 Willowick Dr.
2504 Claymont Dr.15336 Elmcrest Dr.
3328 Chipley Cir16348 Elmcrest Dr.
4505 Kenilworth Ln.17351 Elmcrest Dr.
5337 Greenbriar Ln.18309 Northmoor Dr.
6324 Sudbury Ln.19313 Northmoor Dr.
7327 Sudbury Ln.20323 Northmoor Dr.
8344 Lakewood Ln.21403 Andover Ln.
9351 Meadowbrook Dr.22409 Algonquin Dr.
10359 Meadowbrook Dr.23320 Claymont Dr.
11837 Westwood Dr.ENDSt. Mark’s Church: 601 Claymont Dr.
12809 Westwood Dr.

Driving instructions:

START: St. Mark’s Church: 601 Claymont Dr. Exit St. Mark’s parking lot, turn left on Claymont Dr.

  • Stop 1: 508 Claymont Dr. (directly across from St. Mark’s parking lot)
  • Stop 2: 504 Claymont Dr.
  • Continue on Claymont Dr., turn left on Country Club Dr., turn right on Chipley Cir
  • Stop 3: 328 Chipley Cir
  • Turn right on Country Club Dr., turn left on Kenilworth Ln..
  • Stop 4: 505 Kenilworth Ln.
  • Continue on Kenilworth Ln., turn left on Baberton Dr., turn right on Claymont Dr., turn left at Greenbriar Ln.
  • Stop 5: 337 Greenbriar Ln.
  • Turn around, turn left on Claymont Dr., turn left on Sudbury Ln.
  • Stop 6: 324 Sudbury Ln.
  • Stop 7: 327 Sudbury Ln.
  • Turn around, turn left on Claymont Dr., turn left on Lakewood Ln.
  • Stop 8: 344 Lakewood Ln.
  • Continue on Lakewood Ln. which becomes Meadowbrook Dr.
  • Stop 9: 351 Meadowbrook Dr.
  • Continue on Meadowbrook Dr. just past Westwood Dr.
  • Stop 10: 359 Meadowbrook Dr.
  • Turn around, turn left on Westwood Dr.
  • Stop 11: 837 Westwood Dr.
  • Stop 12: 809 Westwood Dr.
  • Turn right on Greenbriar Ln., turn left on Claymont Dr., drive 0.2 miles
  • Stop 13: 620 Claymont Dr.
  • Continue on Claymont Dr. for 0.4 miles, turn right on Coronado Dr., turn left on Willowick Dr.
  • Stop 14: 320 Willowick Dr.
  • Continue on Willowick Dr., turn right on Coronado Dr., turn right on Claymont Dr., turn right on Algonquin Dr., turn left on Elmcrest Dr.
  • Stop 15: 336 Elmcrest Dr.
  • Stop 16: 348 Elmcrest Dr.
  • Stop 17: 351 Elmcrest Dr.
  • Turn right on Claymont Dr., turn left on Northmoor Dr.
  • Stop 18: 309 Northmoor Dr.
  • Stop 19: 313 Northmoor Dr.
  • Stop 20: 323 Northmoor Dr.
  • Continue on Northmoor Dr., turn left on Andover Ln.
  • Stop 21: 403 Andover Ln.
  • Continue on Andover Ln., turn left on Algonquin Dr.
  • Stop 22: 409 Algonquin Dr.
  • Turn left on Claymont Dr.
  • Stop 23: 320 Claymont Dr.
  • Turn around and return to St. Mark’s Church to drop your ballot OR complete the Survey Monkey form

END: St. Mark’s Church: 601 Claymont Dr.

Winners – 2022 Holiday Lights

Thank you to everyone who participated or drove thru our 2nd annual Claymont Neighborhood Holiday Lights Competition! The subdivision really looks good with all the houses lit up for the Holidays. It was wonderful to see so many neighbors at the hot chocolate truck Saturday evening. We hope you had a great time and we are looking forward to next year already! The votes are in (and counted three times)! This year’s holiday light competition winners are below.

*We also collected 30 toilet paper rolls, 8 paper towel rolls and 6 packages of baby wipes for the Parkway Food Pantry*

Congratulations to our winners!

🥇1st Place

Stop #23: 320 Claymont Dr.

🥈2nd Place

2nd Place Tie: #1 – 508 Claymont Dr.

🥉3rd Place

2nd Place Tie: #3 – 328 Chipley Cir

Wishing you all a safe, healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

– Claymont Neighborhood Association


As the largest subdivision in St. Louis County, Claymont has been an integral part of the Ballwin community since 1962. Now with more than 650 homes, the residents of Claymont take pride in maintaining their homes and the beauty of the neighborhood, which is why we have specific covenants in place.

As the homes age and the subdivision transitions to new homeowners, the trustees of Claymont will continue to educate residents on the covenants of our neighborhood. The trustees will also continue to organize meetings and events that bring our residents closer together.

We’re proud of our neighborhood, and when you mention Claymont, people always know exactly where you live.

Mature trees line the wide streets throughout Claymont.





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